Travel Review: Bermuda


Bermuda is one of my favourite places to visit for a vacation. Its unique vegetation, clear, blue water and quaint size make it like a little slice of unspoilt heaven. Although February is technically Bermuda’s off-season, I think it’s the best time to visit because it’s not too hot and only chilly when the sun goes down. Besides, anything is a break from the polar vortex of Canada! This was my sixth visit in Bermuda, but I still managed to find new things to do given the island’s wide variety of restaurants and cultural activities.

Where I stayed…

I stayed at the Coco Reefs hotel in Paget Parish. I loved how the atmosphere was relaxed and sophisticated at the same time, and how quiet the communal areas were. (That’s another plus about going during the off-season, there are way less tourists than usual!) My room was right on a grassy cliff that backed onto the beach, so my view was beautiful. Another thing I loved was the proximity to nature – as soon as you open your door you can smell the flowers and hear the birds chirping, instead of being in a dark hallway. The rates were also very affordable for such a beautiful hotel.


The beach was beautiful and very private thanks to the protective cliff. I also loved how the beach chairs were elevated – it made the view that much more spectacular.


The decor was classically Bermudian and sophisticated. I love the mix of elegant pieces and laidback island touches!


There were about four rooms to each one of these little blocks. Having the rooms built into these villas made my experience so much homier and relaxing.


The patio wrapped around the pool, which was kept in pristine condition and was nice and warm – perfect for those February breezes.

Where I ate…

I mostly ate at the restaurant at the Coco Reefs (which has a delicious menu!), but the odd time I ate out I loved that as well!


I had lunch at the Barracuda Grill in Hamilton. The atmosphere was more business-y than I was hoping for, but the food definitely made up for it! I had the steak naan wraps with Guiness-battered onion rings. I probably could have been full from just one of the wraps, but they were so good that I was left wanting more anyway!


I also had lunch at the Hamilton Princess. This nautical-inspired fire that was next to my table as well as the exquisite decor made me feel right at home!


As soon as I saw this drink on the menu – “The Million $ Lady” – I knew I had to order it. And I’m so glad I did! It was made of Parrot Bay Rum, Chambord, Galliano and pineapple juice. I would definitely recommend it to any other million dollar ladies out there!


I had been craving devilled eggs days before I saw them on the lunch menu at the Princess – so naturally I had to order them. They came with garnishes of parsley, red pepper and cheddar cheese on a bed of potato straws. They definitely put my craving to rest!


Next I ordered the sausage rolls with grainy mustard. The menu had lots of yummy British-inspired dishes so I had to get something that’s a bit harder to come by at a regular restaurant in Toronto. The pastry was deliciously flaky and the mustard made these little poppers to die for.


To finish, I ordered the Bermuda Coffee. I was considering a Mexican Coffee or an Irish Coffee, but seeing as I was in Bermuda this was the obvious choice! It was coffee, Bermuda Gold and Gosling’s black rum. It was super rich and creamy and after all that food it was hard to finish it, but I managed to do it somehow! It was nice and comforting on a cloudy Bermuda day.

Where I went…


Shopping in Hamilton! Front Street is full of unique jewelry stores and boutiques. One of my favourites was Astwood Dickinson, where I got a Tiffany’s dragonfly necklace for way cheaper than I would have in Canada.


I love how colourful and quaint downtown Bermuda is. There’s always something beautiful to look at!


Masterworks Art Gallery is full of stunning local Bermudian art. I really got a feel for the island by looking at the art pieces produced there! A lot of the art is accompanied by little blurbs that gave me interesting insights into the island’s history and culture.


I love these vintage travel posters that were at the gallery. I would’ve liked one to hang in my bedroom!

There was a Mark Twain exhibit going on at the gallery when I was there. I had no idea he was such a fan of the island! I loved this quote.


Next to Masterworks are the Botanical Gardens. As I said before, I love the vegetation on Bermuda so the gardens were a feast for the eyes. It was so nice to just walk around and soak up the fresh air the plants produce.

I love the irregular shape of this tree. It looks like a piece of art!

What I wore…


On the way there I wore Levi’s boyfriend jeans, a pink Talula t-shirt, a comfy salt and pepper sweater and a fedora with a floral bow around it. I thought it was the perfect amount of clothing for the freezing Toronto temperatures as well as the warm Bermuda climate. I got all of these items at Aritzia.


I picked up this one-piece at Victoria’s Secret right before I left. I love the cut-outs and the soft orange mixed with light purple trim. The cut-outs definitely made for some interesting tanlines!


I got this dress at Pink for $30! I thought the nautical pattern would be perfect for Bermuda. Plus my trusty sweater and hat of course.

Where I’ll be staying next…

staying next
I popped into the Rosedon Hotel to see what it was like and I loved it. The inside was beautifully furnished with antiques and the outside was like a jungle in the middle of downtown Bermuda. The hotel was originally built as someone’s private home! I couldn’t even imagine living there. I’ll definitely be back soon!


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