Travel Review: The Isle of Skye

sheep thistle

I travelled to Scotland and England this past summer, and out of all the places I visited throughout the two-week trip, the Isle of Skye was definitely the most magical, unique and picturesque locale. While browsing through the travel page on Pinterest, I frequently came across a beautiful picture of a bright blue waterfall surrounded by purple flowers. Little did I know that I would get to visit the exact spot where the picture was taken on the Isle of Skye.

Skye is a small island located at the north-western tip of Scotland. For my trip, I decided to start in Edinburgh, Scotland and road trip all the way up and across the bridge to the island. At times I was wary of the narrow, sometimes treacherous (if you’re used to driving in North America!) roads winding all the way to throughout the country, but upon my arrival I knew it was a place worth visiting.

Where I stayed…

I stayed at the Greshornish House Hotel in Skye. The hotel had a wonderfully cozy, antiquated feel to it as it has been around since the 18th Century, and because the owner made me feel right at home by giving me a warm Scotch welcome upon arrival. The ocean view and the rural landscape (complete with sheeps in the road and bunnies absolutely everywhere!) made it one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever visited. In the evening, guests from around the world would gather around the fire and have a dram together, creating a very quaint and hospitable environment.


The view at Greshornish House Hotel


Sheep on the road to the hotel

What I did…

I managed to pack lots of great activities into my (all too short) three-day stay in Skye, but the one that I would say was the most memorable was my hike to the Fairy Pools. The picture I had seen on Pinterest earlier was of the Fairy Pools – a sequence of beautiful turquoise pools dotted throughout a waterfall – and I knew even before I planned my trip that I just had to visit this magical place. It’s difficult to describe how beautiful the scene at the Fairy Pools is, so I’ll just refer you to the photos below.


me at pools


Where I went…

Another place I would say was worth visiting is Portree: a small town in Skye. I spent an entire afternoon walking around the town visiting book stores and enjoying the beautiful view of the harbour. One of the best moments of my trip was watching the seagulls caw and swoop around my head as I ate delicious take-out fish and chips.


The view of the harbour at Portree

Despite the tough drive, the Isle of Skye was my definitely favourite part of Scotland. I wouldn’t even consider the drive a negative because the fact that it’s so remote is part of its charm, and what makes it so magical. I would definitely recommend the Isle of Skye to anyone planning on visiting Scotland.


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