Statement Vest

photoDress: Aritzia
Boots: Frye
Vest: Costes from The Sting

One of my favourite things to do when putting outfits together is to mix and match unexpected colours, patterns and textures. I love wearing all one colour with a surprising pop of something different. Today my statement piece is this fur vest I bought in London, England at a store called The Sting. It was surprisingly inexpensive and I love it for going out or to add a fun dimension to an otherwise boring outfit.

I’ve always loved fur vests for fall and winter, but the pink colour and the unique texture of this one really spoke to me. It reminded me of Penny Lane in Almost Famous, or a sixties hippie. It’s a fun twist on the regular fur vest that so many people have now.

This simple black dress is great for layering or adding statement pieces like this vest because it’s tight, thin and not too bulky. Its long sleeves also make it perfect to wear under a vest in the winter.

Finally, I love these Frye boots. I’ve had some trouble finding black boots that I really like, but these are perfect because they’re not bulky or too tight.

Layering unexpected colours and textures and adding statement pieces to outfits is fun! What are some of your favourite statement pieces?


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