Afternoon Pick-me-up: Banana Smoothie


I’m obsessed with this smoothie recipe I found on All Recipes. It’s banana, peanut butter, milk, a touch of honey and a whole lot of ice. The end product is so sweet, tasty and frothy I can’t get enough!

This smoothie is great for a quick breakfast on the go if you’re in a rush because you can just pour it into a thermos and take it with you. I never thought a smoothie would be a satisfying meal, but this one is actually so filling and I don’t find myself getting hungry until a few hours after I drink it.

I use Kraft smooth peanut butter, which probably isn’t the healthiest option because of the abundance of sugar in it, but you could easily swap it out for all natural peanut butter for a less sweet alternative. One thing I love about this smoothie is that the ice makes it really cold and frothy, which is great for a post-workout snack.

Here’s the full recipe:

2 bananas – I usually chop them up into little circles and toss them in the blender
A little bit of honey – I usually pour in just a couple drops of honey because it can start to overpower the taste
2 cups milk
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 cups ice cubs (this is the key!)

This smoothie is so refreshing and yummy! What are some of your favourite smoothie recipes?


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