9 Heavenly Nutella Recipes for the Holiday Season


To me, Nutella is one of the most scrumptious flavours out there, so you can imagine my sadness when I first heard that it in fact really isn’t the healthiest thing you can eat. I usually try to steer clear of the heavenly substance, but because it’s the holiday season I decided to indulge and buy a jar.

Even though it’s not as healthy as almond butter or all-natural peanut butter, there are lots of great healthy ingredients to mix it with like skim milk, whole grain toast or any other kind of fruit for an easy version of chocolate fondue. There are tons of eye-popping, mouth-watering recipes out there that incorporate Nutella as an ingredient, and what better time to make them than the holiday season?

Naturally, Pinterest is choc full of amazingly creative recipes using the spread, so check out a few that caught my eye below.


Image via On Sugar Mountain.
These Nutella brownies look just divine! I’m sure they’d be way more moist and dense than regular brownies. Delish.


Image via Eat Drink Love.
This Nutella smoothie looks so refreshing and decadent. Perfect for a post-workout treat.


Image via The Hungry Housewife.
I made Nutella hot chocolate last night after a long day of Christmas shopping in the freezing weather. It was so yummy and comforting and the hazelnutty flavour of the Nutella added such a lovely, unexpected twist.


Image via Kidspot.
These Nutella banana pinwheels are great for a quick lunch. I love mixing bananas with the sweet flavour of chocolate or peanut butter, which is also a good alternative for this snack. (But of course Nutella is everyone’s first choice!)


Image via Tasty Kitchen.
Just like the Nutella brownies above, these cookies look so moist and dense. Perfect for a post-winter-activity snack along with some hot chocolate by the fire.


Image via Chimera Obscura.
These Nutella puddings are such a classy and sophisticated way to incorporate the spread into your dessert menu for a dinner party or a Christmas open house. The chocolate shavings on top are such a lovely, professional touch.


Image via A Pinch of This, A Dash of That.
These Nutella-filled strawberries are a great example of a healthier way to use the scrumptious ingredient. These would be great to indulge in for dessert or for a sweet snack.


Image via 52 Kitchen Adventures.
Who doesn’t love macaroons and Nutella?! Mix these two mega-popular fan favourites together for an instant party hit.


Image via Nosh On It.
This Nutella pizza is so creative! Whoever thought of this deserves a medal.


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