My New Favourite Workout: Blogilates!

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 6.29.45 PM

One of the best things about the digital revolution is that everything is so accessible and convenient.

After seeing Kate Hudson’s amazing figure at the Golden Globes, I naturally researched her workout routine and discovered that pilates is her go-to for an awesome sweat sesh. Without the Internet, I would have had to find a pilates studio through word-of-mouth or the phonebook (yuck!), wait until they had a class I could attend, and only then would I be able to try the workout and decide if I liked it or not.

Today, all I had to do was a simple YouTube search for pilates, and voilá: I had a peppy pilates instructor in my living room!

It didn’t take me long to decide that I LOVED Cassey Ho. She’s so friendly and bubbly, and she seems to have a never-ending amount of energy. But don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanour, her workouts will kick your BUTT. Her Extreme Abs videos are honestly so challenging and they’re especially rewarding the next day when it hurts to laugh or breathe! (It’s better than it sounds…)

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 6.07.42 PM
This move is absolutely killer!

It truly is a treat to have access to Cassey’s videos. Not only is the content awesome, but the videos are really polished and well-executed. You really feel like you’re in a pilates studio with upbeat music and an engaging instructor helping you along.

I love all the videos I’ve tried so far, but my favourites have to be the Extreme Abs and 6 Min to a Sexy Booty. If you get a minute, try one out! They’re super short so you can do them in the morning before you leave for work, or even before bed.

I never thought pilates could be such a great workout! What’s your favourite way to tone up?


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