Coming Up Roses


Today was such a beautiful and sunny day, so I decided to wear something fun and floral! For the first time in forever (cue Frozen soundtrack) there’s actually a hint of spring in the air.

I love wearing hats and maxi dresses because they make me feel so classy and ladylike. I got this dress as a Christmas present and at first I found it a little questionable and thought it might look frumpy, but when I tried it on I realized the slits and the cinched waist make it so flattering and ultra-feminine.

I bought the jacket when I was in Edinburgh, Scotland at an inexpensive store which I assume is their equivalent to something like Forever 21. I love this jacket because it’s so lightweight and fitted – perfect for a night out. I also love the gold detailing and quilted material.

View the credits below to find out where to get these items!




Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Primark
Hat: Topshop
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Boots: Frye


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