Blackwatch Tartan Cape


Yesterday was such a lovely day for a walk in the park! Well, it started out that way until the wind started howling and the snow began to drift down. But until then, I was perfectly warm in my wool cape and black jeans.

I love this outfit because it makes me feel like an old-fashioned British lady going for a stroll to the market! This cape is such a fun piece to wear because it makes you feel super mysterious by draping over your body and covering everything up. I kind of felt like some old-school detective or something! A hat, some sunglasses and black details made the look even more inconspicuous.

I was totally channeling Sherlock Holmes.

I also loved how my neck was warm because it has a built-in collar that goes right up to your chin. It really is warmer than it looks!

I bought the cape at London Trading Post’s booth at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair a couple years ago. It was made in Scotland and it’s 100% pure wool – super high quality! The jeans are Rag & Bone and I got them at Aritzia for half price a while ago. It was such a great deal!






What do you guys think of this look?

Cape: London Trading Post from the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Jeans: Rag & Bone from Aritzia
Top: Wilfred Free from Aritzia
Hat: Topshop
Boots: The Frye Company
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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