How to Make Water More Fun!


As humans, water is the single most valuable thing we have on the earth. It keeps us hydrated, energized and well, alive! Without it we wouldn’t exist. I mean literally, our bodies are made up of about 75% water! It’s so important to drink water throughout the day and stick to foods that are water-based like fruit and veggies.

Even though this life-giving substance is so valuable and precious, I still feel like it can be pretty boring to drink sometimes! It’s colourless, tasteless, and doesn’t bubble, pop or fizz at all – that is unless you’re drinking Perrier or sparkling water.

It’s much more fun to drink coke, wine or champagne! But sadly, as we all know, these beverages can’t be consumed all day long and definitely not as replenishment after a work out – this is where plain old water (coke’s responsible older cousin) comes in!

Even though water can be boring, we still have to drink it every day, which is why it’s such a great idea to come up with fun and creative ways to spruce up your H2O. Check out the photos below for some ideas of how to give some life back to your water!


Add some fruit. If you’re craving a sweet soft drink or fruit juice, try this healthy alternative instead and throw some berries into a glass of water. It tastes just as great and won’t rot your teeth or cause a multitude of diseases and illnesses.


Go green! Make your water a party salad of green fruits and veggies for a cool, refreshing beverage on a hot day. Here, I’ve added some cucumber and lime to my water for a fresh take on what would be a plain drink. The cucumber really reminds me of being in a spa and the lime add a fun, unexpected twist. You could also throw in some mint for a soothing taste or a non-alcoholic mojito.



Squeeze in some water flavouring like Mio or Crystal Light if you’re really craving something other than water. I got this Skinny Girl water enhancer from my local drug store in the Pineapple Coconut flavour for a tropical twist on plain H2O.

Image via Briarwood.

Accesorize! I’m in love with these birch-patterned straws from Briarwood, they’re so rustic and natural-looking, especially with the beautiful wildflowers inside the glasses. Stunning! You can also have fun choosing water bottles and glasses to spruce up your water-drinking experience.


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