Fur & Floral

IMG_7145 1

Today was absolutely freezing! I may look happy in these photos, but inside I felt like I was dying a slow, cold death.

Yesterday we got a massive snowstorm and today slush and puddles are all over the streets (yuck) and the wind is really strong. I decided to bundle up in a fuzzy faux fur coat, thick stockings and a knitted toque thinking it would be enough to brave the cold in. Wrong! I am still chilled to the bone while writing this by the fire, and my fingers are moving at a glacial (pun intended!) pace.

Wearing faux fur can be so fun – it makes you feel like a 1920s glamour goddess or like a fancy Hollywood starlet from the 50s. I especially love pairing it with a dainty, feminine dress like the one I’m wearing here. The floral pattern adds a much-needed touch of spring to the ensemble. I don’t know about where you live, but we Canadians are dying for the change of season!

I wore this dress to Christmas dinner this year. It’s great because it’s so versatile – I could easily dress it down to wear it to class or dress it up for going out like I did for my family get-together. I also love how the waist is cinched – it’s so flattering but also comfortable because it’s made out of elastic material.

Finally, I added some boho accessories like my necklace to top off the look. Check out the credits below the photos to find out where I got all of these items.






Coat:ย Wilfred Free from Aritzia
Dress: Forever 21 (Similar style)
Hat: Aritzia
Necklace: Free People (Similar style)
Stockings: Roots
Shoes:ย Capezio


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