Mouthwatering Sunday Brunch Recipes

These peach melba champagne cocktails are such a creative alternative to regular mimosas. The colour alone is enough to draw me in! Get the recipe here.

Sunday morning is arguably the best time of the week: you can sleep in, be lazy and eat tons of yummy brunch foods! The fact that brunch is a mix of breakfast and lunch, as its name suggests, makes for lots of leeway in the foods (and drinks!) you can consume because you get double the options, as opposed to just sticking to foods from one meal or the other. Really anything from champagne to pizza goes for brunch these days, making for lots of creative and scrumptious recipe ideas.

The fact that brunch is two meals in one makes for an even more pleasurable experience because you get twice the amount of time to eat, drink and socialize! Having a long, drawn out, food-filled party is simply the best way to spend a Sunday.

Personally, my brunch favourites are the hearty, comforting recipes that mix sweet and savoury flavours like maple syrup with bacon. The mix of flavours is just so satisfying and lovely, I wish everyday could be Sunday!

In honour of the first Sunday of February (if we need brunch at all it’s during this freezing month!) I’ve rounded up some of the most mouthwatering brunch recipes from around the net. Check out the photos below for some yummy foodspo.


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