12 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Twinkle Lights into your Wedding


There’s something so magical and whimsical about twinkle lights, especially at a wedding. Incorporating them into your special day can really spruce up the look of your venue, and lend that “wow” factor that every bride wants.

Night weddings are perfect for going overboard with twinkle lights, candles and even electronic fireflies (yep, that’s a thing! More on that later). The dark sky makes them stand out even more and creates a stunning contrast that will enchant your guests and put everyone in a lovely mood for your day. They also make for some absolutely gorgeous pictures!

There are so many creative ways to incorporate twinkle lights into your wedding day from mason jar crafts (I can never get enough of mason jar DIYs, the options are endless!) to striking centrepieces. They can also be used in an arbor or a ceremony backdrop to highlight the bride and groom during the main event for a truly memorable look.

Using twinkle lights is one of the best ways to light up your ceremony and reception space and dazzle your guests. They make for such a special wedding scene and they really brighten everything up.

Check out the gallery below for some beautiful ideas for incorporating twinkle lights into your wedding.


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