12 Impossibly Cozy Boho Bedrooms


The bedroom is the most sacred part of the home. It’s where you sleep, share sweet moments with loved ones and (most importantly!) it’s where you keep all of your beautiful and most prized belongings, so it’s only fair that it’s as cozy and personalized as possible!

There are so many ways to make sure your sanctuary is comfortable, stylish and reflective of your personal style. If your personality is bookish, load up your shelves, surfaces and even floors with stacks of your favourite novels. If your style is more spiritual, adorn your room with dreamcatchers, mandala prints and crystals.

There are tons of possibilities, and to me, one of the coziest and customizable décor styles is boho! With bohemian bedroom décor you can really let your personality shine through and create a space you’ll never want to leave.

While all-white décor and minimalist design looks good in theory, it can easily become dirty, cluttered and hard to live in. I’m all for twinkle lights, layers on layers of blankets, a warm colour scheme and lots of unique little trinkets to make your house a home. Filling your space with boho details will make it comfortable, liveable and super welcoming.

Click through the gallery below for some gorgeous boho bedroom inspiration!


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