Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – For Guys!


You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging there, did you girls? Of course I have a gift guide for you, too!

Let’s face it, V-Day is one of the girliest holidays in existence, yet we’re still obligated to buy our boyfriends and husbands gifts, making for a super confusing shopping experience. While roses or chocolate seems overdone and too feminine, you still want to get something that’s at least a little bit related to the lovey-dovey holiday, even if it’s just for the sake of changing up the type of gifts you usually buy him. (The same old Christmas sweater every year just isn’t cutting it anymore!)

The anguish of it all just might send you into a downward spiral of cinnamon hearts, sparkles and chocolate roses.

But have no fear! Luckily, there are tons of masculine, original alternatives to the same old cutesy V-Day gifts that won’t be shoved into his bottom drawer to save him the embarrassment of his friends seeing it, like the pink, heart-shaped picture frame you got him last year. Your gift for him really doesn’t have to go overboard with the V-Day theme, but you also shouldn’t get him something completely unrelated to the holiday – there is a happy medium somewhere!

Your beau will be over the moon that you went all out and bought him something unreal that he can actually wear or use around his friends, especially because V-Day usually revolves around the woman receiving chocolate, roses and jewelry. Let’s show our guys how fun this holiday can be!

Check out the gallery below for some V-Day gift ideas your man will love!


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