Antigua Travel Series: First Impressions


After a long day of travelling including long airport lines, summer jeans in sub zero temperatures and a delayed flight due to a frozen engine (yay, Canada!) I finally arrived in Antigua at around 5 pm yesterday. My first impressions might have been a tiny bit biased at first because I was so drained from the long day of traveling, but once I got settled and changed into a sundress and sandals I felt much better, and I could focus on the beauty and relaxed atmosphere of my surroundings.

I really hadn’t realized just how far down south Antigua is until I looked at a map on the plane – it’s basically off the coast of South America so it’s extremely tropical. Everywhere you look there’s a gorgeous tropical plant or flower and the climate is so gorgeously warm – a big change from the extreme cold weather alerts of Toronto, which made this getaway even more appreciated!

On the ride to the hotel I noticed several little beaches, bays and sandy spots. Apparently, Antigua has 365 beaches – one for each day of the year!

Once I arrived at the hotel, The Verandah, I immediately felt so relaxed and at home. The resort has such a relaxed vibe to it and there are tons of friendly British people vacationing here. I like how instead of high-rise buildings each guest gets a little white cabin with a charming name like Bougainvillea or Queen Palm. It gives the resort such a quaint, homey feel to it and makes it feel more like a village than a resort.

There are so many different beaches, pools and restaurants to explore because of how big and expansive the resort is. There’s even a mini golf course, which I’m definitely going to have to try at least once!

After a couple of glasses of wine with views of a gorgeous pink, red and orange sunset, I felt completely relaxed and serene. This warm weather is amazing for the soul.

I can’t wait to for tomorrow so I can keep exploring the island! View the gallery below for some more pictures.


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