Antigua Travel Series: Overall Review


I’ve just arrived home from antigua, so while my adventures are still fresh in my mind, I’ll round up my overall thoughts and opinions of my trip.

Antigua is a beautiful island with an even more beautiful climate. The thing I will probably remember the most about the island is how it rains: strong and hard but quickly. It tends to pour down in heavy pelts for about ten minutes and then it abruptly stops, leaving the air humid and deliciously fragrant.

The fragrant air after it rains reminds me of another thing I loved so much about the island. The first thing I usually notice about a place when I first step off the plane is not so much how it looks, but how it smells. Of the five senses, our memories are tied the most to scent, so I’m sure that the beautiful floral, fragrant air in Antigua will definitely prove to be one of the island’s more memorable qualities for me.

I think the island’s gorgeous fragrance is mostly due to how lush and fertile it is: everywhere you look there’s emerald green palm leaves or bright pink and red blooms. I truly felt like I was in a greenhouse! I wish I had taken a tour through the rainforest while I was there so I could  have soaked up even more of the gorgeous greenery – I really believe there’s something so healing and therapeutic about being near plants; I feel so rested and invigorated just from a week’s stay in antigua.

Not only was the beautiful green landscape healing, but I also felt that the pristine, clear blue water played a huge part in my relaxation. I can be a big baby about going swimming in murky natural bodies of water, but I’ve never felt more at ease when swimming than when I swam in Antigua’s waters. It actually felt cleaner and more refreshing than a pool. Most days I just floated in the ocean for what felt like hours, and came out feeling so relaxed and refreshed; there really is nothing more glorious than a beach day in the Caribbean!

Another thing that I found so unique and charming about the island was the wide array of richly coloured houses dotted throughout the landscape. On the taxi ride to the resort from the airport I was amazed by how cute and colourful each cottage was and how different they all were from one another. It was such a treat to my eyes to see a variety of bright hues of orange, pink, red, green and blue and tons of different styles and structures of homes; the monotonous beigeness of sub divisions near Toronto can really cause your eyes to glaze over with boredom after a while!

Finally, my stay at the Verandah was the cherry on top of a wonderful trip, surrounded by warmth and beauty. The staff were so kind and gracious and the entire resort had such a relaxing and accommodating vibe to it. My favourite part of staying at the resort was when I got to try West Indian style cooking. I sampled red bean rice, Accra fritters, Johnny balls (which taste like an amazing combo of sweet bread and donuts!) and jerk chicken. It was such a yummy meal and it was so cool to try Caribbean cooking while actually in the Caribbean; it pretty much completed the whole experience for me.

As I said before, next time I travel to Antigua I’ll definitely have to try a land tour to see the rainforest and a couple of the island’s historic sights. Also on the agenda for next time will be a boat trip to a deserted island and a tour to catch a glimpse of some of the celebrity houses in Antigua (I hear Oprah has a killer abode there!)

As for now, it’s back to reality, unfortunately including parkas, lectures and wind that will freeze your nostrils shut. I hope the next trip I go on comes sooner rather than later!

Click through the gallery below to see a few more of my pictures from Antigua.


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