15 Unexpected Ways to Incorporate Plants Into Your Home During the Winter


If you’re like me at all, you get sick of winter easily and you love being near gardens in the spring and summer. This combo of likes and dislikes gets old fast, and you crave the healing energy of plant life, especially when everything around you is covered in ice and snow and the trees are completely bare.

To me, just looking at pictures of beautiful plants and gardens is therapeutic. There’s something about seeing lush greenery and bright, colourful blooms that has the power (flower power, that is!) to awaken your senses and uplift your mood.

So, how can you incorporate the wonderful sensation of being around plants into your life when everything outside is barren, cold and desolate? Have no fear: there are tons of ways to experience nature during the winter months!

While there’s nothing like walking out your front door and going for a hike in the summer months, there are so many creative ways to surround yourself with plant life during winter.

If you can’t go outside to experience nature, why not bring the nature in by incorporating plants, flowers and other natural elements into your home décor? There are so many fun and unexpected displays you can create yourself to add some green to your humble abode – and you don’t have to limit yourself to just throwing a bouquet into a vase!

Check out the gallery below for some lovely green inspiration and some unexpected ideas on how to incorporate natural elements into your home décor!


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