What I Wore Wednesday: Striped Poncho

IMG_0582Loose-fitting clothing is so comfortable and flattering; I always say, the more blanket-like a piece is, the more I’ll adore it! Who wouldn’t want to walk around in their bedding all day?!

This piece is lovely because of how oversized and soft it is – it really is like a blanket! I know wearing a blanket doesn’t sound like it would be flattering, but I really think that if they’re styled well, ponchos and over-sized sweaters can be so fashionable!

I also love how the colours of this poncho are super understated and eclectic-looking. I think the pattern looks so authentic and subtle but also eye-catching. The fringed edges also lend some authenticity to the look.

I like pairing oversized tops with tight bottoms so that I don’t look like a big blog of fabric. Today I’m wearing a pair of tight, black jeans for a chic, slim look. I also added my favourite black leather boots to streamline the look of my legs and let the colours in the poncho really pop.

Wearing flowy, over-sized pieces like this poncho can be so freeing! I felt like a bird with the wind blowing in my wings. I’ll definitely need to get some more ponchos and kimonos for the summer – they’re such a great way to spruce up almost any daytime look (plus they really come in handy for summer nights by a bonfire!).

Check out the gallery below to see more of my look.

Poncho: Free People (Similar)
Jeans: Rag & Bone (Similar)



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