10 Mouth-Watering Asian Appetizers for Your Next Get-Together


Asian food of all kinds has always been my ultimate weakness. I die for dim sum, jump for joy over Japanese and pine for Pad Thai. You really can never go wrong with a good Asian dish, whether it be lettuce wraps, seaweed salad or shrimp rolls – it’s all absolutely delish to me!

Some of the best flavour combos like Thai peanut chicken, garlic shrimp or sweet chili sauce with edamame stem from Asian cooking. The continent has produced some pretty irresistible creations, and a lot of them are pretty healthy, too (score!).

Today at the grocery store I came across some super-tempting pad thai spring rolls and I just had to go for them. They combined two of my absolute favourite Asian dishes, and they definitely did not disappoint! The tasty rolls inspired me to do a post on scrumptious Asian appetizers that you can serve at any get-together.

Everyone loves a quick and easy roll or a compact dumpling that you can dip in some yummy sauce and pop in your mouth for a satisfying treat in between conversations. Not only are they quick and easy to eat, but a lot of the apps below are also quick and easy to make, so it’s really a win-win for everyone!

Check out the gallery for some delicious Asian appetizers perfect for any party!


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