How to Incorporate Pink into Your Home Décor

d7da56d305842f7e64a9edd45535478dIncorporating colour into your home décor isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish, especially when you’re afraid of making your abode look like a rainbow threw up in it! Oftentimes, people stick to shades of white and grey because it’s safe and easy, but their homes can end up looking so dull and boring.

If you’re just not into adding a splash of colour into your décor, even just the slightest pop of a bright hue can liven up your palette. A colourful candle, a punchy pillow or a lovely vase is sometimes all it takes to break up some of those greys and whites and breathe new life into your home.

As for me, I’m into one colour that may not be so popular in terms of home decor. Can you guess what it is? Think pink!

That’s right, I think adding a pop of pink into your decor can look so darling and pretty. If you’re a self-proclaimed girly girl like me, it can be so fun to experiment with the pretty hue and incorporate it into your bedroom, your living room or even your kitchen! Using pink in your home doesn’t mean that it’ll look like you’re living inside a doll’s house – when used sparingly, it can look so understated and subtly chic.

Check out the gallery below for some rosy ideas on how to incorporate pink into your home decor!


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