Shape Up for Shorts Season with These Quick and Easy Moves

IMG_1410Every year, I have only the best intentions in terms of getting in shape for summer. The only problem is that the warm weather always seems to sneak up and ambush me when I’m least expecting it, leaving me with pale, unshapely legs (yuck!). So this year, I’ve resolved to be on my guard and prepare extensively for shorts season. We’ll see how that goes…

There are tons of great (or terrible, depending on your perspective!) exercises for getting shapely and toned thighs, calves and butts. While running, cycling and other forms of cardio will reward you with tons of amazing benefits, the best way to make sure your bottom half is looking lovely and lean is by isolating the muscles with strength training and specific exercises like squats.

Personally, a few of my favourite moves are the wall sit, lunges and pliés. I like to do exercises that really make me feel the burn; the kind that make it hard to walk the next day. While it sounds masochistic, I just love knowing that whatever exercise I’m doing is effective and really working my muscles.

Check out a few of my go-to moves for working your legs and butt, just in time for dress weather. You can do all of these moves during one workout, or you can stick to just one or two if you’re strapped for time. If you feel like you need to do more or less reps or modify the moves at all, feel free to tailor each move to your own personal workout style. Keep in mind that these are moves that I’ve found have worked for me in the past, and always remember to stay safe while exercising!

What are some of your favourite workout moves? Let me know in the comments!


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