April Day Festivities

IMG_2401Today I went to my friend’s April Day party for some yummy snacks, drinks and of course a super fun DIY! It was basically an ode to all the fun, beauty and sweetness of spring and the month of April. 🙂

It was a pot luck so I made a fresh lemon tart. Some of the other guests at the party made things like baked brie, Mini Egg nests and quiches.

We also did an awesome tie dye DIY. It was hard (and a little bit messy to be honest!) but so fun. We all brought white items to dye (I brought a cheap bikini from Wal-Mart!) and dyed them fun colours for summer.

First, we tied our items up in really tight rubber elastics to prepare for the dye. Basically, the more elastics you use, the better the tie dye will look (yes, that’s why they call it tie dye! I didn’t realize that until today).

Then, once you’ve tied the item up, you can either dip it into the dye or spoon the dye onto it. I chose to only use blue dye because I wanted to keep mine clean and simple. Because I was only doing one colour I just dipped my bikini into the dye, but everyone else used spoons so that it would be even.

My friend bought the dye at Michael’s, but I’m sure you could get it at any other craft store or super store.

After we dyed the items, we rinsed them until the water was clear and then washed them separately in cold water. Mine is still drying right now but I’ll show you guys what it looks like later on! So far it’s looking really cool.

Check out the gallery below to see some more pictures from today’s April Day party!

We had such a fun April Day! Do you have any fun spring traditions or warm weather party ideas? Let me know in the comments!


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