FYI: What’s a smudge stick?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe other day I bought a smudge stick to cleanse the energy of my home and the people in it. So what’s a smudge stick, you ask?

You know those stereotypical voodoo/psychic/free spirit types in movies who walk around with a smoking stick, moving it around people’s bodies and houses whilst reciting incantations? They’re actually using smudge sticks to cleanse the energy and help bring positive vibes to a space.

Smudging is the Native American practice of burning sacred herbs like copal and sage to cleanse and pray. Native Americans have been doing this as a part of a ceremony for centuries.

I’ve always been interested in smudging, so I bought a Sage Spirit stick from my local Urban Outfitters store. Sage Spirit is a company based in the desert of New Mexico. In addition to smudge sticks, they also manufacture incense and essential oils. I would love to visit the main location one day – I think it would be so interesting to learn more about the company and Native American practices.

As soon as I opened the package, a very strong, fresh, lovely smell filled my nostrils. It smells super earthy, natural and sweet, almost like the smell of sweet hay on a farm or a lavender garden. It smelled even better once I lit it!

On the package, it says to make sure you’re conducting your ceremony with an open heart and in a peaceful manner, so I tried to centre myself and relax a bit before I began. For the actual process of smudging, it says to light the end of the stick and after extinguishing the flame, move the smoke around your body, the body of another person or around your space to purify the energy. You can use your other hand to hold a container for the ashes. Once you’re finished with your ceremony, make sure your stick is completely extinguished.

I just finished my smudging ceremony and I feel super blissed out. I went through my whole house with it and cleansed all my family members. It feels even more special because it’s raining outside, which always puts me in such a relaxed, happy mood. I hope it brings more good blessings in the future!

Have you ever tried incense or smudging? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it in the comments below!


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