Natural Centrepieces for Your Rustic Wedding

164e3019c72f381834d13862a911a6d7My design mantra is “the more natural, the better” (well, it is as of right now!) and I think this especially goes for weddings.  Simple, natural details can make any event look so understated and beautiful, and they really let what matters shine through – the love between you and your groom. It’s so easy for wedding décor to cross over into tacky, overdone territory so just KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

I can’t get enough of weddings that look like they were decorated by magical woodland fairies or elves. To me, tree bark, pinecones and tons of wildflowers are the most beautiful decorations for any celebration. There’s an endless amount of crafts to be made with things found in nature – I could play around with plants and rocks for hours!

One of the best ways to incorporate the beauty of nature into your wedding is with your table centrepieces. I think some of the most stunning centrepieces look like they just happened to fall into place serendipitously to make your wedding beautiful. Not only do they end up looking amazing if you use natural supplies, but they also save you so much money because you can easily make them yourself! (Who’s up for a DIY? I know I am!)

Check out the gallery below to see some natural centrepiece inspiration for your big day!


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