10 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Wicker Peacock Chair

c5abd9e5f507cd9c70dca826ce602a3cLately I’ve been seeing high-backed, wicker peacock chairs everywhere. They always seem to be the main feature of a boho-style photo shoot or a lovely, laid-back space. I love them because they look like they belong in some beachy home in Hawaii or a stunning hideaway full of exotic prints and embroidery.

Seeing as peacock chairs (like a lot of other trends we’re seeing these days) are a total blast from the past and some of you might have one hiding in your mom’s basement or garage, I thought it would be helpful to share some gorgeous ways to incorporate it into your space.

Because they have such a natural look, I love seeing them alongside greenery and houseplants. I also love the look of mixing neutral wicker with bold prints and colours for an exotic, eclectic feel. Blending natural elements with bright pops of red, orange or even pink makes for such a rich, striking look.

With their full, high backs and tropical look, peacock chairs are an awesome way to spruce up your sitting area and really make a statement. Plus, anyone who sits in them instantly achieves a royal, authoritative look!

Check out the gallery below for some inspiration on how to seamlessly incorporate your peacock chair into your living space!


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