What I Wore Wednesday: Earth Tones for Earth Day

IMG_3205I’m so grateful for nature. I love the ocean, the blue sky, tall trees and butterflies. I often find myself in awe of how majestic and glorious this planet can be.

This Earth Day, I’m vowing to love nature wholeheartedly and to try to do little things to take care of it as best as I can, because really, it does so much for us! We shouldn’t have to wait until Earth Day to spend some time outside and appreciate the environment. Let’s all try to soak it all in more often year-round!

In honour of this beautiful planet we’ve been given, today I decided to wear some earth tones for a natural look. Plus, I donned my favourite elephant necklace and bracelet, because elephants and other animals are a super important component of our planet, too!

I absolutely adore this poncho because it has such a Native-inspired look with its fringed edges and intricate pattern. It’s so comfortable and perfect for a cool night sitting around a fire because it almost feels like a blanket. (Anything that feels like bedding but can pass as a piece of clothing is fine by me!)

I’m also wearing this super stretchy leopard print tank top. I love pairing it with this poncho because it has lots of muted earth tones – plus it adds another layer to this animal theme I’m creating!

This outfit is super comfortable and I feel 100% myself in it! If you had to choose one clothing item to live in for the rest of your life, what would it be? Let me know in the comments – I’m pretty sure mine would be this poncho!

Check out the gallery below to see more pictures of my look.

Poncho: Raj
Tank Top: Aritzia


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