Beautiful Nail Trends You Need to Try ASAP

accbc2a5aeace496e0194b148cf1defeWhile there’s an endless number of stunning, unique nail polish colours out there today, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and try out some nifty nail art.

With 3D decorations and acrylic stick-ons, it can be easy to cross over into tacky territory with your nails. That said, I think there’s definitely a happy medium somewhere, you just need to find yours!

Experimenting with beauty trends can be loads of fun, hilarious or downright terrible. But it can also end up producing a gorgeous and stylish end-product – and that’s where the magic happens!

When it comes to the nail department, I’m definitely not the most talented manicurist, but I’m getting better with practice. There’s really no better way to practice your nail art than with those awesome new trends you’ve been dying to try. You know, the ones you see on Instagram but are way too scared to attempt for yourself? Well, today’s the day, my friend – wake up and smell the polish!

This spring, I’m loving pale blues, white and (my personal favourite) watercolours. Deck out your nails in the prettiest, most feminine hues and patterns and you’ll be hand-model-ready in no time!

For some inspiration, check out the gallery below and let me know which nail trend is your favourite in the comments!


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