Lovely, Simple Bouquets for Your Rustic-Chic Wedding

4c943d8525f19f7484437a439fc61d24When it comes to wedding bouquets, the more natural and simple-looking, the better! I’m loving bouquets made of just one type of flower – they make for such a clean, easy look.

Rustic country weddings are the perfect venue for simple, understated florals. For an effortlessly boho yet ultra-chic look, why not carry a handful of dried lavender or daisies? Or, you could channel your inner Kate Middleton and go for a lily-of-the-valley bouquet – I love the look of white on white!

On the other hand, you don’t have to focus all your attention on just one type of flower. You can still achieve a simple and elegant bridal look with multiple colours and textures. One way to do this is with wildflowers because they have such a relaxed, country-chic look. Their natural look will really let what matters most on your big day shine through – the love and happiness between you and your future spouse!

Flowers are already so beautiful on their own, so there’s really no need to deck them out in complicated arrangements or go overboard with accessories. Your bouquet is one area of your wedding you can definitely take it easy with – brides already have enough to do before even thinking about the bouquet!

Click through the photos below to see some simple wedding bouquet inspiration. Which photo is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!


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