8 Super Easy and Healthy Green Recipes

HD-201411-r-kale-salad-with-root-vegetables-and-appleGreen vegetables should be an essential part of any healthy eating regime. It’s super important that dark, leafy greens and veggies make an appearance on your plate at least once a day.

Plant-based ingredients like spinach and arugula offer us countless benefits like clearer skin, more energy and tons of health improvements. Because of their high levels of vitamins A and C, greens really act more like medicine rather than food! And the best part is that they don’t taste like medicine – in fact, I think greens like Swiss chard and broccoli can make some of the yummiest additions to almost any meal (or drink!).

It’s crazy how after eating just one meal with greens in it you can actually feel their magical powers working in your body. I always feel super refreshed, clean and vibrant after eating one of my favourite green meals.

While I’m all for gorging myself on the most splendid green veggies, I know there are tons of people out there who don’t feel the same way at all.

If you’re super adverse to all things green, (although, how could you be?! I mean seriously!) have no fear – there are zillions of ways to transform your spinach, kale and bok choy into delicious, gourmet dish, which can end up tasting even better than junk food – I kid you not!

I’ve compiled a list of a few lovely (and easy!) recipes involving copious amounts of greens because I wouldn’t want you to get scurvy now would I?

Take a gander at the gallery below for some chlorophyll-rich dinner options you can make in a pinch.


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