12 Stunning, Natural-Looking Backyard Pool Designs

1fa18be07edfff3f1f4e8399c7a06635Sometimes (especially during the winter!) I could just stare at pictures of blue water all day. There’s something so mesmerizing and relaxing about a calm body of water. Even the sound of trickling water fountains and ripples on the surface is like music to my ears.

While natural bodies of water like oceans, rivers and lakes are ideal for optimal relaxation and swimming, sitting by the pool is also a lovely way to spend the day. In fact, pools are a great way to complement natural bodies of water, and they can be a super luxurious staple of any beautiful backyard.

Pools can be made even more beautiful with elegant landscaping, a clever backyard set up and a thoughtful mix of man-made and natural elements. With the right layout, shape, lining and more, the right pool can really be the jewel of the home.

There are tons of stunning and sleek pools out there. While natural landscaping with plenty of plants, trees and rocks always looks lovely, manicured hedges and clean lines can also make for a super sophisticated, luxurious look.

From long, narrow, turquoise ones to humpback-shaped, navy, natural-looking ones, I could daydream about these lush backyards all day.

Go (virtual) pool-hopping by clicking through the gallery below!


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