How to Keep Your Bridal Look Natural, Elegant and Effortless

4c2ec093a75ce0d13837205e0b16a589I always say that keeping your bridal look simple and understated is essential. There’s no better way to keep all eyes on you on your big day than by letting your natural beauty shine through – and the only way to do this is to keep accessories, shockingly bright colours and over-the-top textures to a minimum.

Rustic weddings always look the most beautiful to me. There’s something so simple and charming about a natural wedding in the countryside. As a bride, you can easily emulate this style through your dress, hair and makeup, bouquet and more.

If you had the most beautiful diamond ring, you wouldn’t colour all over it with bright crayon, or glue fuzzy, frilly pom-poms to it, would you?! So don’t do it with your bridal look! You are an absolutely stunning gem all on your own – once you realize that, your unique bridal look will come to you easy as pie.

Right now, I’m into soft, wavy hair, wildflower bouquets, delicate floral crowns and easy makeup. If you’re having a summer wedding, you’ll definitely want to keep your makeup simple and fresh – hot humid days and ample makeup do not mix!

To see what I’m talking about, check out the gallery below for some easy, breezy bridal style. Think of it as a moodboard for the effortlessly chic bride!


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