Review: 40-minute Bikini Body Workout with POPSUGAR Fitness

I had been craving the salty, crunchy, seasoned onion rings at A&W for far too long, and today I finally caved and binged on them, along with a spicy chipotle chicken sandwich and a diet root beer. (I know, I know, insert monkey-covering-his-eyes-emoji here). As good as it tasted, I felt super yucky afterwards, so I decided to make up for it by guzzling lemon water and doing a workout.

Since it was raining, I opted for a YouTube workout in my kitchen. I found POPSUGAR’s 40-minute Bikini Body Workout, and I decided to give it a try because I’m a big fan of their fitness tips, articles and videos.

The video consisted of four, 10-minute sections: cardio and core, legs and butt, arms and full body. Each section had two circuits of four or so moves and a one-minute stretch.

It was super comprehensive and I was really feeling the burn, although it wasn’t as hard as Insanity – making it a great choice if you don’t feel like doing such an intense workout but you still want to get a good sweat sesh in.

The workout combined elements of fast-paced cardio, resistance and weight-training, so I really felt like it worked every part of my body. The burpees and the squat jumps were super tough!

It really made me see which parts of my body were the weakest: the arms, back and shoulder sections were particularly hard for me. It’s always good to challenge yourself and give some love to the areas of your body you might neglect.

Plus, bonus point for a super peppy, encouraging instructor! I feel like the best workout videos are the ones with super friendly hosts (shout-out to Shawn T!).

Do you know of any awesome workout videos I should try? Let me know in the comments!


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