Just Add Water: Five Exercises You Can Do in the Pool

As a self-proclaimed mermaid, sometimes it’s hard for me to tear myself away from the water. During the warmer months, I basically live in the pool.

Seriously – I read, eat, drink and sleep in that thing. Even working out in the pool isn’t off limits!

In fact, working out underwater can be a great way to switch up your routine. There’s so much more resistance because you have the weight of the water making everything harder, but it’s also way easier on your joints because your motions are so fluid and weightless.

Sometimes I’ll just float around the pool doing my own version of water ballet and letting my body take free reign. I’ll just set myself free and do whatever comes to mind. It’s so relaxing and it feels amazing!

Or, sometimes I’ll bring five pound weights into the water with me and do the exercises I’d normally do on land like bicep and tricep curls. The water brings a whole new dimension to the movement, challenging your muscles in a completely different way than what they’re used to.

Doing any kind of workout underwater is super beneficial, but there are definitely certain movements that are especially effective when performed in some H2O. Take a look at the list below to learn some aerobic exercises you can do to maximize your energy output – just add water!

1. Run on the spot with high knees

A high-knee run is super challenging on land, so imagine how much more difficult it would be underwater! A good 10-minute run in the shallow end should do the trick.

2. Leg lifts

Stand in the shallow end with your hands on the side of the pool and lift each leg sideways up towards the surface of the water until you’re really feeling the burn. The edge of the pool almost acts like a ballet barre, so this also works with other movements like pliés and tendues.

3. Jump squats and lunges

Squats and lunges aren’t just for the gym! Do these movements in the shallow end of the pool for a little extra resistance. (If you’re in a public pool, make sure you’re not wearing a bandeau swimsuit when you’re doing this move. I learned that lesson the hard way!)

4. Tricep and bicep curls

Bring some five-pound weights into the water and stand where your head is just above water. I like to do 50 bicep curls and 50 tricep curls. To feel the burn even more, stand in the shallow end in a plié squat position while you curl.

5. Tread water

I like to finish off my workout by treading water for as long as possible. You’ll really work your entire bod with this movement. Remember to stay safe and always take a break if you feel like you’re starting to lose energy!

All of these pool exercises are great, but don’t underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned swimming sesh! Doing a few lengths of breast stroke or front crawl is an awesome way to get your cardio in for the day.

What do you guys like to do in the pool?! Let me know in the comments below!


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