Casual Bike Ride Apparel

IMG_5016Biking through the neighbourhood is one of those simple pleasures that always makes for a lovely, leisurely Sunday. The way I see it, a beautiful blue or pink bike with a wicker basket is the cutest spring accessory. It really brings to mind that iconic image of a retro fashionista cruising through the countryside like Rachel McAdams in the Notebook.

Yesterday, I went for a bike ride in one of my comfiest outfits. The material of the shorts is so soft – they literally feel like pajamas!

One of my favourite things about these striped shorts is the frilled trim. They look so dainty and feminine but they’re also super casual and relaxed.

This t-shirt is also insanely soft and cute, and when I saw the words on the pocket it was a done deal! The words “mermaids don’t do homework” perfectly epitomize laid-back weekend style. It did stretch out a bit with wear, so I tied the bottom in a knot to make it more fitted.

Finally, I love mixing dark, masculine colours like black and brown with florals and super girly things, so I added my pink sunglasses and my fedora with the floral ribbon.

I love this look because it feels super chill but also stylish. It turned out to be the perfect apparel for a bike ride!

Check out more photos from my day below.

T-shirt: Brandy Melville
Shorts: Brandy Melville


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