Gorgeous blue and white tie dye items for the summer

image1xxlI’ve always adored blue and white tie dye. It has such a fluid and flowy look, like the churning ocean or a rushing river. I think it looks amazing with denim or rustic elements like distressed brown leather.

You might remember a tie dye DIY I did back in April. Instead of dyeing my bathing suit multicoloured, I just stuck to blue because I think it makes for such a simple, cool look. I’ve been wearing it nonstop for pool days and I swear the colours make me feel cooler and more refreshed!

Lately I’ve been resurrecting old blue and white tie dye items from my closet. It’s funny how we tend to neglect certain items in our closets until they make a comeback. I just found a gorgeous flowy blue and white kimono I haven’t worn for years – I’ll definitely be incorporating it into my ensemble soon!

Blue is one of my favourite colours because it’s  so calming and lovely. There’s almost a therapeutic aspect to it – I always feel more relaxed just looking at blue things! From turquoise to navy to sky blue, it’s all so dreamy to me.

Take a peek at some of my favourite blue and white tie dye items to keep you cool during the hot summer.


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