What I Wore Wednesday: Tie dye kimono

IMG_5441Don’t you just love finding old, forgotten items buried in your closet? It’s such a pleasant surprise, like going online shopping after too much wine and then getting your new items in the mail weeks later. (Although, your bank account might not find it too pleasant!)

I was rummaging through my closet recently when I found this blue and white tie dye kimono I got at Aritzia years ago (you might recall I mentioned it in another post last week). I loved finding new ways to style it now that my wardrobe has evolved and acquired new items over the years.

I paired it with an all-white ensemble to make the deep blue really pop. This ruched crop top from Brandy Melville is super flattering – it almost acts like a corset by tucking everything in and fitting tight to my torso. Plus, although these jeans look white at first glance, they’re actually streaked with slight blue hues, making them the perfect match for the watery kimono.

I also added this jagged, silver statement necklace from Urban Outfitters for some depth and dimension. It really pulled the whole look together and broke up the blues and whites.

Finally, I donned these edgy, studded black booties for a rock ‘n’ roll element. I think they contrasted perfectly with the soft colours of my ensemble!

What do you guys think of this look? Let me know in the comments below!


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