Five stunning jewelry pieces with a meaningful purpose

Rose_Quartz_Mala_Pendant_1_grandeA great jewelry piece always brightens up my day. Looking down to see a sparkly, stylish ring on my finger as I work is so uplifting and mood-enhancing.

While all jewelry is beautiful, my favourite pieces always have a meaning, a purpose and an important message behind them. Recently, I bought my mom a meditation necklace from Lululemon for her birthday (read more about its meaning below!). My mom loved her gift because there was such a compelling story and positive message behind it. She really thought it was special, unique and from the heart.

For thousands of years, different accessories have been used in spiritual practices, for luck, or to signify something like peace or solidarity. Think rosaries, brooches worn for charity or cross necklaces: jewelry really can be imbued with so much emotional resonance.

I’ve seen tons of other jewelry pieces with awesome concepts behind them. It makes so much sense to make a piece of jewelry that’s not only beautiful, but that can improve your life, motivate you to do better or help out a good cause.

While jewelry can be pretty, it can also go much deeper than just the surface level. Take a peek at the gallery below to see some meaningful, gorgeous pieces!


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