Soul Sunday: Celebrating summer solstice

Summer solstice has to be one of my favourite days of the year. For starters, it’s the longest day of the year so it’s light out for a super long stretch of time, which is always lovely. But the day also carries with it a feeling of magical connectedness and the idea that anything’s possible — it always seems so enchanting and otherworldly!

In many ancient cultures and traditions around the world, summer solstice holds a huge spiritual significance. It represents the peak of spiritual enlightenment, the defeat of darkness and a period of intense connection to the spiritual realm through a more heightened consciousness.

So what does all this mean? Basically, summer solstice is a great day to go inwards, reflect, connect with the spirit world and of course, celebrate the divine light of the sun!

If you were planning on tapping into your spiritual self, today would be a great day to do it. Light some candles, take a contemplative walk in nature or hold a magical bonfire for you and your loved ones. There are so many ways to connect with your deeper consciousness and the spiritual world around you — it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Another thing you can do is work on practicing gratitude and manifesting your deepest desires. Sundays are always a lovely time to relax, think and take a fresh, new perspective on everything that’s going on in your life, but the energies today are even stronger because of the Solstice.

Take this time to do something that feels special and magical to you, even if it’s something as small as taking a walk among the trees or lying out in the sun and appreciating the silence and solitude. You could also perform your own sacred ritual to celebrate.

I just love summer solstice! It’s such a beautiful, happy day full of love, light and magic.

Speaking of manifesting desires, my goal for next summer solstice is to be celebrating in Iceland so I can enjoy the sun all night long!

So, what are you lovelies doing this summer solstice and what do you hope to be doing next year? Let me know in the comments below!


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