Top 10 rompers for lazy summer dressing

Photo: Spell

I’m what you would call a lazy dresser: anything I can throw on, add a few accessories and be done with is always my go-to. I’m all for easy, breezy dresses, jeans and of course rompers, which are the ultimate must-haves if you’re looking for something comfy, easy and super chic.

Not only can you throw one on in a pinch for a beach day, but rompers are also insanely comfortable. The soft material and shorts bottoms make it feel like you’re wearing nothing (now if only we could really wear nothing out in public!).

Rompers are perfect for summer adventures because you can basically do any activity in them. They’re also called playsuits, which I find so accurate because they really remind me of the things I used to wear in kindergarten and pre-school!

And the best part is you can wear them in any pattern, colour, material or style. One of my favourite rompers I owned was one from Abercrombie ages ago. It had floral bottoms, a bright yellow waistband and a nautical, blue and white striped top (sadly, I got a little bit too playful in that playsuit and it met a quick demise in a double-bike-riding incident!).

Despite its less-than-durable material, all the different colours and patterns made it so fun and different looking, which is another awesome thing about rompers: you can really go crazy with prints and colours because it’s all contained in one coherent, structured piece, so you don’t have to be wary of going overboard.

Plus, there are so many ways to style these simple statement pieces. You can dress them up with heels, jewelry and a clutch for nighttime wear or you can go casual with a simple pair of sandals, a tote and a floppy hat. It’s almost too easy — I feel a little bit guilty every time I throw one on!

I’ve chosen a few of my favourites from around the net, take a peek at the gallery below for some ideas!


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