Three practical uses for apothecary bottles

Finding new uses for old, neglected items is one of my favourite hobbies. Transforming otherwise useless objects into practical household necessities brings such a feeling of satisfaction and joy because it saves lovely treasures from ending up in the trash.

Recently I found this tiny little apothecary bottle buried in my medicine cabinet. I bought it at an antique shop years ago and I always loved its tiny size and old-fashioned cork top. It reminds me of a magical container for fairy dust or potions!

It was so enchanting to come across it again and experience all the same feelings of wonder and magic that I experienced the first time I saw it. I knew I had to find a way to incorporate it into my everyday routine instead of keeping it hidden away amongst old nail polish and hair products.

Not only are apothecary bottles like this one so charming and antiquated, but there are so many ways to use them in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. I just love the look of an assortment of bottles with different colours, sizes and textures all holding mismatched flowers or herbs. It just looks so eclectic and interesting, like a witch’s kitchen or a fairy’s medicine stash.

While there are definitely endless uses for my teensy bottle, here are just a few I came up with below:

IMG_6368Place some flowers in your bottle for a lovely, simple decor piece!

IMG_6420Bring your snack to work in style! Here I’ve placed some sunflower seeds in my bottle.

IMG_6435Keep herbs in your bottle for a witch-approved storage solution!

Can you think of any other uses for these adorable little bottles? Let me know in the comments!


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