10 creative ways to incorporate cacti into your space

If there’s one aspect of the plant world that’s super on trend right now, it’s cacti. The prickly babies are all over Instagram, Pinterest and products in major stores like Brandy Melville and Indigo. Cacti just have such a cool, chic look, especially when they’re accented with a touch of hot pink, red or yellow.

Even just adding a teensy little potted cactus by your window can really brighten up the space and bring in some live energy. There’s no better way to make your house feel like a home than with plants — it’s the second best thing to having pets!  (Although, it’s best to have plants AND pets all over your space!)

I’m loving the adorable little cacti gardens I’ve seen around the web lately. People get so creative with their plant displays, and I love seeing new, beautiful ways to show off our green friends.

It can be so relaxing and therapeutic to garden, arrange potted plants or even just look at them and soak up their energy. I’m a huge advocate for incorporating greenery and natural elements into your home whenever you can, and cacti are a beautiful (and on trend!) way to do this.

Check out the gallery below for some ideas on how to add some prickle to your pad!


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