Three of the most magical destinations around the world

The world is full of breathtaking locales, exotic destinations and amazing sights to see. There are still so many places I’d love to visit before I grow old, and some of them are interesting to me for more reasons than one.

You know how sometimes a dress, a pair of shoes or even a guy can be weirdly attractive to you for no apparent reason? You know, that one item or person that keeps pulling you back even if you can’t figure out why? Sometimes, I feel that way about places: to me, a city, town or landmark has a soul that we can connect with on such a deep level.

Oddly enough, I even feel connected to places that I’ve never been before. I know that I’ll reach those places at some point in my life, but for now, I already know that I’ll feel so at home in each one. Check out my list of the top three most magical places around the world:

1. Iceland

Image via Victor Montol/Flickr

Iceland is definitely #1 on my list of places I need to visit. For one, a huge percentage of the population there believes in fairies and elves, so I already know I’ll fit right in. Plus, the landscape just looks so diverse and stunning with rolling green hills and icy blue water. I already feel so connected to Iceland and all of its magical quirks.

2. Isle of Skye, Scotland

I visited the Isle of Skye in Scotland last summer, and it was probably the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been. Ever since, I’ve been dying to go back! The landscape was almost always shrouded in a veil of thick fog and rain and dotted with adorable sheep and cows. The highland hills rolled endlessly towards a stunning, grey-blue sea and the air was dripping with magic. While every part of my trip to Skye was lovely, one of the highlights was visiting the fairy pools, which are made up of a clear, ice cold stream leading down from three massive mountains. The water shines bright blue and green in the sun and you could walk forever just enjoying the natural beauty of the setting. If you have any interest in visiting spiritually-charged sites around the world, the Skye fairy pools should definitely be on your list.

3. Newfoundland

Image via Kenny Louie/Flickr

As a Canadian, it’s a terrible shame that I can’t say I’ve ever visited Newfoundland (especially because I’ve been travelling to PEI every summer since I was born!). Seeing as Iceland, Scotland and Newfoundland were all once joined together in Pangaea, it’s no surprise that I love them all as they have similar atmospheres and landscapes. Like Skye, Newfoundland is often shrouded in thick clouds of fog and mist, giving the entire place a feeling of eerie magic and wonder. I would love to stroll along the rocks by the ocean and breathe in the salty air while spotting a few brightly-coloured houses in blue and red. Every photo I see of Newfoundland makes it look even more interesting, and I can’t wait until I finally get out there!

Where do you guys wish you could visit? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Three of the most magical destinations around the world

  1. Id love to go to Iceland and newfoundland. Ive been to skye a few times as I went to university in Scotland. There are many beautiful islands – I think you’d like harris and lewis 🙂 Shetland is stunning too – huge cliffs

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