What I Wore Wednesday: Overall Chic

photo 3
What’s black, chic and overall adorable? Yep, you guessed it — it’s the overalls I’m wearing for today’s #whatiworewednesday!

I couldn’t resist buying this pair of comfy Wilfred overalls from Aritzia last summer. They’re so easy to throw on over a patterned t-shirt like this adorable floral crop top (also from Aritzia).

Part of why I love their look so much is that they’re a quirky play on a classic favourite. They’re the quintessential comfortable outfit but with a chic, urban twist. They bend the rules and offer up a creative spin on an old wardrobe staple.

Items like these overalls always remind me of the trend of upcycling — they’ve zeroed in on something old or vintage and altered it to become something new, stylish and somehow still totally nostalgic.

Keeping with the theme of 90s nostalgia, I added a pair of sparkly jelly shoes for a fun flair. While some people think of my jelly shoes as one step above crocs, I couldn’t agree less!

I think they have such a distinctive, eccentric look that transports me back to 1960s London. The plastic material is perfect for summer and the sparkles always remind me to bring out my inner kid and let my freak flag fly high!

Check out more pics of my look below:

photo 1(1)
photo 2(1)
photo 2(2)
photo 4

What do you guys think of this look? Let me know in the comments below!


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