Channel your inner witch with these 5 magical floral potions

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSometimes, I truly think that I’m descended from a witch. I love potions, wands, black cats and big recipe books, and I can’t get enough of magical incantations made of natural ingredients.

Mixing things together to create something practical and useful is such a joyful pastime to me, and I’m always looking for an opportunity to create something new out of things found in nature. One part of nature that always contributes to a fragrant healing potion is flowers. Like most, I’m head over heels with flowers for more reasons than one — and one of those reasons is that they can do wonders for our skin, soul and overall well-being.

Whether you believe in magic potions or not, it can be so therapeutic and fun to grab some mason jars, rose petals and dried herbs to make something enchanting, beautiful and witch-approved. Check out three awesome potions you can make using natural ingredients to improve your life, fulfill a certain wish or eliminate harsh chemicals from your beauty routine: via Tales from a Cottage

Give your pores a deep, all-natural clean with this herb and flower facial steam from Tales from a Cottage. via Wall Flower Girl

Rosewater has so many wonderful, cleansing and healing uses — and it’s a super lovely DIY to boot! Get the directions at Wall Flower Girl. via Hello Nature Blog

Conjure up this love potion tea and you and your beau will be feeling the lovey-dovey vibes all day long! Get the recipe at Hello Nature Blog.

Try chamomile tea to ease digestion after meals.  Read more: via Mother Earth Living.

Make tea out of dried chamomile, dried valerian root, dried lavender root and three drops of calla lily essence for a deeper sleep. (From the Magic of Flowers by Tess Whitehurst — seriously buy this book!).

New England asters/ATTRACTS: Monarch Butterflies. Important during migration.Image via

Cure your hangover naturally by adding three drops of aster essence, 20 drops of milk thistle tincture and a squeeze of lemon juice to your morning smoothie – no Advil required! (Also from The Magic of Flowers).


4 thoughts on “Channel your inner witch with these 5 magical floral potions

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my tea recipe! I hope you enjoy. I definitely agree that there’s something magical about mixing things up into something totally useful.

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