Three amazing meditation resources for beginners

Meditating for the first time isn’t always easy. It can feel awkward, boring or even uncomfortable, especially if you have an over-active mind like me.

I know the first time I tried to meditate I felt ridiculous — I couldn’t even get my brain to slow down long enough to focus on just one breath. For something that’s meant to be relaxing, meditation can be super frustrating and confusing at first.

One thing that really helped me conquer my nerves about the practice was listening to a guided meditation. Throwing one on tape or your phone is so easy and it really slows the whole process down so you know what to do step by step.

Guided meditations make it so much easier to unwind and focus on just one thing because it feels like someone else is right there with you gently reminding you to stay centered. It also makes it a lot easier to visualize things and imagine that you’re somewhere else — something that I find is key if I want to fully unwind.

There are so many amazing meditation resources out there, but below are three of my favourites:

1. The Honest Guys

I recently started listening to meditations by The Honest Guys on YouTube. One thing I love about them is that they’re so easily accessible — all I have to do is search them on my phone and voila. But I also love the voice that leads the meditation because it’s British and ultra soothing.

2. Doreen Virtue

For me, choosing to listen to guided meditations by Doreen was a no brainer because I already loved so many of her books, so I knew that her meditations would be equally awesome. She has such a special gift for making you feel calm and at ease, and I love her meditations because there are so many different kinds available for different problems or moods.

3. Toward Stillness

Audio tapes are amazing for long car rides or subway trips. Bring one of these CDs with you anywhere for portable relaxation on the go!

Do you guys have any tried and true meditation resources? Let me know in the comments!


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