Three oracle card decks to add to your collection

MagicofflowersEveryone has a few essential items that are absolute necessities in their homes. It can be anything from scented candles to kitschy pillows — anything that makes you feel comfortable and at home in your space.

One thing I always have to keep on-hand at home is a deck of tarot cards. I love having a pack around, not only to help me relax and feel self-assured about the future, but also to add to my collection of beautiful spiritual items!

Seeing my tarot cards arranged alongside some candles, a Himalayan salt candle holder and a sage bundle gives me such a feeling of joy and relaxation, and it really helps to make my house feel more like a sanctuary. Making a little shrine of things I love that have spiritual significance is super important to me and helps to infuse my space with some of my personality and interests.

I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on the inner workings of tarot cards, so if you’re looking for a complex rundown on how they work, I would look elsewhere! All I know is that they work through the energy of the user, picking up on their vibrations and finding the right card for their particular situation.

While I love the spiritual, magical element of tarot cards, I also adore their beautiful art work and designs. Right now, I only have one pack — healing with the fairies by Doreen Virtue. I would love to buy more of her packs, but there are also tons of other stunning oracle decks by different authors and artists available.

Check out three decks of tarot cards I’m dying to purchase below:

The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud


I obsess over Brian Froud’s work, so this deck is a no-brainer for me! His art is just so stunning and inspiring — I can imagine feeling quite uplifted after looking at a few of these cards.

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


Seeing as my name is The LIlac Mermaid, it’s not hard to see why I want to get my hands on this deck of oracle cards! Doreen Virtue is awesome in so many ways, so I already know this pack will be so inspiring and beautiful.

Magic of Flowers Oracle


I adore Tess Whitehurst’s manual The Magic of Flowers, (which you know if you’ve been following along with recent posts!) so I’d love to add this deck of oracle cards to my bookshelf.

Do you have any oracle card recommendations? Let me know in the comments!


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