Five whimsical, mermaid-approved pieces

Mermaids have always held a special place in my heart (hence my blog name!). They’re so whimsical, colourful and beautiful, and I always associate them with storybook romances and fairy tales.

I love having fun with the clothes I wear, and incorporating elements of magic and mermaids into my wardrobe is a lovely way to do this. Brands like Wildfox and Brandy Melville have made mermaid gear trendy, and I can’t get enough of their adorable pieces!

Today, everyone wants to be a mermaid (if you say you don’t you’re a liar!). It’s so fun to dress up in whimsical, ocean-inspired outfits because you can really pretend that you’re a magical creature from the sea! I love to channel my inner Ariel from time to time, especially on warm summer days.

Sea shell bras, bright turquoise pieces and fun sequins accessories are all fair game to me. I’m all for making a splash with mermaid clothes! Check out a few of my favourite pieces in the gallery below:

I’ve been in love with this Wildfox bathing suit ever since I saw it on A Bikini A Day. It’s super flattering and the ideal two-piece for mermaids. (Well, I guess it would be a one piece, seeing as mermaids don’t have legs!).
20150721055923The long, flowing lines and deep blue colour of this gown from Free People remind me of the ocean — it’s the perfect piece for mermaids! I would love to don this dress on a warm summer day by the water.

How adorable is this crabby romper from Wildfox? It would make for such a fun, mermaid-approved coverup!

Every mermaid needs some chunky jewels to lure in the Pirates! Get this piece at Free People.

This dramatic maxi skirt from Spell is so stunning. For obvious reasons, turquoise is totally mermaid approved, so this piece is a definite go-to!


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