Three stylish ways to keep cool this summer

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe temperature in Toronto has really started heating up over the past few weeks. Everything is sticky, hot and just plain uncomfortable.

While I usually despise this kind of weather, this year I’m trying to gain a new perspective on the rising temps. Instead of seeing it as a detriment to looking put-together, I’m choosing to use the heat as an opportunity to try out some new stylish accessories, hair styles and outfits.

Check out my list of three stylish ways to beat the heat:

1. Asian fans

Recently, my boyfriend’s mom lent me a few lovely fans from her impressive collection. They came in so many beautiful colours and patterns (including an adorable design featuring two grey kittens!). Buy a couple from your local vintage shop and keep them in your purse for those sweltering days — not only will you look mysterious and elegant, but you’ll have a refreshing way of cooling down!

2. A stylish water bottle

I never go anywhere — and I mean anywhere — without my bkr water bottle. It makes it a lot easier to stay hydrated and cool when you have a cute accessory to carry around in your purse. Bkr bottles are glass so they’re super eco-friendly and healthy, but another thing I love about them is that they won’t leak into your bag because they have a secure twist top, making it super easy to sport them to work or school.

3. Billowy clothing

Pieces like maxi skirts, kimonos and ripped jean shorts (built-in ventilation — score!) are super flowy and easy for warm summer days. Beat the heat and stay classy with something long, billowy and light like this or this.

What do you do to stay cool on hot days? Let me know in the comments!


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