Five reasons why you need more nature in your life

Nature lakeI truly believe that there’s no better way of resting, relaxing and recharging than spending time in nature. There’s something deeply spiritual and meaningful about walking in an untouched forest or looking out at an expansive body of water — it always feels so intuitive and easy.

There are tons of reasons why it’s crucial to incorporate nature into our day-to-day. There are just so many amazing benefits for our health, wellness and overall outlook on life — the positives far outweigh the bug bites and sunburns!

Check out the list below to see my five reasons for getting back to nature:

1. It grounds us (literally!)

There’s nothing more humbling than gazing out at a neverending sky full of stars or staring into the abyss of the ocean. Remembering how big and epic the world really is can help you adjust your perspective and make you realize that your problems are so small and insignificant compared to the awe-inspiring universe.

2. It lifts our spirits

There’s no greater (or simpler) joy than walking through a garden or greenhouse. Seeing the beauty of exotic flowers or smelling a lovely bloom does wonders for the soul, and can really enhance your mood the way nothing else can.

Nature lake
3. It connects us to spirit, the divine, or whatever larger force you believe in

Flowers and things found in nature naturally have a higher vibrational frequency because they’re the closest things to heaven or the divine. There’s a reason why we feel so centered, at home and purely happy around flowers and trees — they’re intertwined with the spirit world the way cellphones and televisions just aren’t.

4. It helps us think

The best place to meditate or contemplate life is on a rock by a babbling stream or under a tall tree blowing in the wind. The natural sights and sounds give us clarity and peace of mind so we can hash out tough problems with ease.

5. It inspires tranquility

Listening to the natural flow and buzz of the earth lulls us into a state of calm bliss the way our mothers do when we’re babies. If you ever feel overwhelmed or bombarded by technology and people, spending time with Mother Nature in the landscape that was made for us can be just the remedy you need.

Why do you like spending time in nature? Let me know in the comments!


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