Three ways to tap into your intuition and go with your gut

IntuitionOne of the most common pieces of advice I hear when I’m trying to make a big life decision is “go with your gut.” My response is usually something like “but what does that mean!” or “how do I know what my gut wants?”

It can be incredibly hard to decipher your intuition from your “mean girl,” as one of my biggest inspirations, Melissa Ambrosini, would say. A muddled intuition is something I still struggle with — after all, if it was so easy to listen to your intuition, no one would ever lose sleep over an important decision or an unresolved situation.

Lately, I’ve been doing some soul searching about what I want for the future, and I thought I’d share some of my tips for heightening your awareness and developing a deeper connection with your intuition (because really, how many of us have made the wrong decision and then regretted not going with our gut in the first place?):

1. Stop thinking

This may sound counterproductive, but I often find myself thinking so much about a situation that by the end of the process, it’s become a jumbled mess of confusion, problems and emotions. Sometimes, the best remedy for a situation is to leave it the way you would stop picking at a sore scab if it was hurting you. Once you stop the flood of thoughts coming in, your intuition will kick in and the solution will present itself in the simplest way.

2. Let go

I’m definitely guilty of trying to be the master controller of my destiny. I believe that our futures are a mix of our own actions and destiny, yet I still attempt to micro-manage and stress over every detail like I’m the one driving. Once you release the urge to control the situation, the answers will come to you in no time.

3. Live a healthy lifestyle

While it’s easier said than done (I’m still regretting that sushi binge…), eating healthy, whole foods, exercising and giving ourselves time for rest and relaxation will ultimately help us cultivate a deeper knowledge of ourselves and a clearer channel for listening to our own intuition. If you’re feeling yucky and hazy, then your channel will become yucky and hazy as well.

I’m still working through these things myself and that’s the best part: it’s all a journey and no one has to be (or can be!) perfect. How do you listen to your gut when you’re faced with a niggling problem? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Three ways to tap into your intuition and go with your gut

  1. I am the same way “master controller of my destiny.” There is no easy answer to that question, for me its reinsurance from the people around me. As “independent” as I wish I could be, getting confidence from people like my older brother or boyfriend always helps.
    Love your post btw! keep it up!

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